Chart version: 2.3.1
Api version: v1
App version: 9.3.0
AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task eng...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install awx center/adwerx/awx
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Ansible AWX AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible. It is the upstream project for Tower, a commercial derivative of AWX. Add our repo: bash helm repo add adwerx Install the chart: bash helm install adwerx/awx

Job Isolation and Security Context

Ansible AWX task runners employ a legacy process isolation for playbook runs (jobs) via bubblewrap. The purpose of this isolation is to restrict access to shared AWX subsystems, which could be multi-tenant—access the AWX task pod has and could be exploited. If you are not using AWX in a multi-tenant fashion and trust users writing playbooks to have full access to a Pod in your cluster, you may choose to disable bubblewrap. If you’d like to retain bubblewrap isolation on playbook runs in a kubernetes deployment, you’ll need to run the AWX task pods with a privileged security context (PR welcome). Per the AWX documentation, if you choose to turn off Job Isolation you can do so by following the instructions below: > Disabling bubblewrap support: > To disable bubblewrap support for running jobs (playbook runs only), ensure you are logged in as the Admin user and click on the settings gear settings in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the “Configure Tower” box, then click on the “Jobs” tab. Scroll down until you see “Enable Job Isolation” and change the radio button selection to “off”. More information on the future of playbook isolation here


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